Licence Policy

Open Shop is funded by selling products under our own brands. In simple terms, you are free to use any of the content on this site here to start your own business, anywhere in the world, provided that you do not sell it or brand it ‘Open Shop’ or any of our sub-brands.

We hold the copyright in our work and provide irrevokable licences to allow you to use it provided that you share any improvements or modifications that you make under the same licence. We will protect our own brands with conventional copyright and trademarks, but will keep these separate from the content here. We hold the copyright so that we can still take legal action against anyone who uses our work commercially without attributing us and/or fails to share any modifications.

Open Shop Ltd. is registered and operates in the UK and as such all licences will be governed by UK and EU law.

Note that we have not had a lawyer look at this yet. We will source some legal help and get them to check this wording so that you can reuse it at your own risk.

Open Licences

Articles, Images, Video, Audio; Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike

Content such as text, images, drawings, videos and so on that would conventionally be protected by a ‘Copyright. All rights reserved’ are protected by a Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 4.0 licence. This is an extension of copyright law that gives anyone a licence to utilise this content provided you attribute us, and share your modifications under the same licence.

Object Designs - "Hardware"; CERN Hardware Licence

Designs of objects are licenced under the CERN Open Hardware licence. Like the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 licence, this allows you to use any designs for physical objects on this site in any way you choose, provided you share any design that builds on our work under the same licence.