Deck Making Process

This is how we make a deck in the public classes. The decks we sell are made using the 'Industrial' process, with more power tools to increase our production rate; the basic idea is  the same.

Making a Deck

We buy in FSC-certified North American veneer kits already cut to size, sand it and then spread cross-linking PVA glue on either side. Two decks are laminated at a time, and are laid in the press with a sheet of brown paper above and below to stop them sticking to the faces of the tool.

The press is clamped shut and left for at least eight hours for the glue to cure.The rectangular blanks are marked out with a template, the holes centre punched and drilled, and the deck shape cut out on a bandsaw.

We smooth out the shape using abrasive paper, and then round the edges using spokeshaves. This is how patternmakers would make a repeatable edge on a mould for casting. After sanding again using finer paper (~ 400 grit) the decks are ready to lacquer.

At the moment we use a nitrocellulose lacquer out of a can. Three thin coats of sealer are applied, the grain sanded back very lightly, and then three thin layers of topcoat. The deck is now ready for graphics.